Fluidtrol (FPT) – Manufacturer of corrosion resistant basket strainers, certified to ISO9001:2008 Standards. 

Our standard line aquatic strainers are widely used in water attractions nationally and internationally. On the industrial side Fluidtrol’s pipeline strainers can be used in chemical resistant and other applications. 

Aquatic Division – Corrosion resistant basket strainers for water parks, fountains, commercial pools, zoos, fresh water and sea water application. We also supply float valves and reducer products for their critical applications. 

Industrial Products – Extensive line of basket strainers with resistance to a very broad range of chemicals.

Custom Strainers – Our standard line of PVC/CVPC, fiberglass and stainless steel strainers can be modified for your application. We will also build to spec strainers for non-standard use.


Basket Strainers

General Water

Basket Strainers


Basket Strainers

Commercial Reducers

Modulating Float Valves

Why Trust Fluidtrol?

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Our quality system certification ensures the highest manufacturing standards.

Expert Customization

We work with your design engineers to meet your exact requirements.

99% On-Time Delivery

We consider timely delivery a crucial part of our service to our customers.


Inventory is managed on-site to reduce lead times and keep costs low.

Material Selection

We use the highest quality PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF, FRP, and Stainless Steels.

We Test Everything

Every basket and Wye strainer is hydro tested before leaving our facility.

Long-Life Span

We’ve been manufacturing innovative non-metallic strainers for over 20 years.

Wide Range of Sizes

There’s virtually no limit to our vertical and horizontal strainers sizes.

Basket Strainers Made in the USA

The Very Best in Customer Service, Customization, and Delivery