Custom Designed and Manufactured Strainers and Filters

Fluidtrol (FPT)– Manufacturer of corrosion resistant basket strainers, structures, sand filters and other filtration products – certified to ISO9001:2015 .  Our products are used in water attractions, municipal and industrial applications worldwide. 

Aquatic Filtration Products

Our aquatic products are used in water parks, commercial pools, and zoo’s. The SW and RSW strainers protect the suction side of pumps. NSF listed Sand Filters are offered in 42” diameter, 6’ to 12’ long @ 20 gpm/ft2. While our GX and Wye strainers works on the pressure side to protect water features and spray nozzles and available in mesh-lined baskets.  Our modulating float valve (MFV) balances the main drain flow in the surge tanks. Fluidtrol provides surge tanks for a variety of commercial aquatic applications.  And lastly, we produce flanged reducers in FRP and Stainless, sometimes called enlargers, for the pump discharge and any other pipe size changes. Remember we can build the reducer into the reducing strainer body (RSW series).  

General Water

Municipalities and light industry use our general water products for water treatment. The GS series are dual laminate with a plastic interior (PVC, CPVC, PP, or PVDF) and FRP reinforcement. We have the medium duty GX series that can handle up to 75 psi with better than steel corrosion resistance.

Industrial Products

Industrial applications need our heavy duty for more corrosive, hotter, and typically higher operating pressures. Our industrial strainers are used in Steel Mill Pickle Lines, Salt Water HVAC systems, Salt water and oil separation systems, slurry systems, and acid processing lines. The SSP and SSH series are similar in construction and pressure ratings with the exception in resin. The SSH series have a more expensive resin that can give a higher temperature rating with certain chemicals. We offer t-handle lids, swing bolt lids, and traditional bolted lids (highest pressure rating). We manufacture specialty filters- bag, cartridge and sand filters for very aggressive fluid systems.


Filtration Products

General Water

Basket Strainers


Basket Strainers

Why Trust Fluidtrol?

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Our quality system certification ensures the highest manufacturing standards.

Expert Customization

We work with your design engineers to meet your exact requirements.

99% On-Time Delivery

We consider timely delivery a crucial part of our service to our customers.


Inventory is managed on-site to reduce lead times and keep costs low.

Material Selection

We use the highest quality PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF, FRP, and Stainless Steels.

We Test Everything

Every basket and Wye strainer is hydro tested before leaving our facility.

Long-Life Span

We’ve been manufacturing innovative non-metallic strainers for over 20 years.

Wide Range of Sizes

There’s virtually no limit to our vertical and horizontal strainers sizes.

Basket Strainers Made in the USA

The Very Best in Customer Service, Customization, and Delivery