Flow Control White Papers

As a complement to our comprehensive design process for new product development, we constantly look for new ways to improve existing products. This involves thoroughly evaluating how our basket strainers and modulating float valves perform in the field, as well as conducting simulations and materials testing in the lab or via computer modeling.

When we develop significant studies that either justify our existing engineering decisions or motivate us to change designs, materials, or manufacturing processes, we make sure to document those findings in white papers that can be shared with our customers.

This keeps our customers informed, underscores our commitment to the 360° product assessment process we ascribe to, and allows us to make better engineering decisions that ultimately result in better flow control products. Here are our latest flow control white papers. Simply tap on the cover image of each publication to view it in your browser.

Innovating Safely

Fluidtrol recently announced a new product line of sand filters. The following overview of our design process shows how Fluidtrol ensures safe operating designs while incorporating innovations.

Basket Strainer Lid Cracking Analysis

This detailed study of acrylic lid cracking points to several ways in which basket strainer lid design can be improved to better resist this tendency.

Basket Strainer Pressure Drop Analysis

We analyzed pressure drop to significantly decrease peak velocities, reduce skin drag, and better distribute pressure in our basket strainers.

Modulating Float Valve Analysis

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), we improved the performance of our modulating float valves.