It’s Water Park Season in the USA

Like traffic in Los Angeles or frostbite in Antarctica, water-parks are simply a fact of life in North America. Of the 1,600 estimated water-parks that are extant in the world, over 1,000 of them can be found in North America, principally in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. With an estimated attendance of over 80 million in North America alone last year (and with a steady 3-5% rise in attendance each year), it’s a fun-loving, lucrative industry to find yourself involved in. But all water-sliding and wave machining aside, it can be a lot of hard work implementing the ideal park that suits both the needs of your budget and your customers’ sense of adventure. You need to build attractions that stand out from the rest of the pack, ones that are fun and easy to use; but which are also cost-effective to build and maintain for the long-term.

Fluidtrol built much of its name and track-record around the aquatic industry. Water-parks have been an essential section of our business since nearly the get-go. With our structurally sturdy fiberglass, with our corrosion-resistant PVC, and with our laminate construction (a building material which combines the advantages of both previous entries), we’ve gone a long way in supplying the water-park industry with the necessary, basket strainers, reducers, and modulating float valves that keep its attractions running fresh and clean on a daily basis, summer after summer.

As we enter into the hot months, and people quickly begin realizing that their fans, air conditioners, and lawn-hoses aren’t quite enough to sate their thirst for keeping cool, it’s a sure bet the average all-American family is going to want to hit a water-park at some point this summer. After all, not everyone lives next door to a sandy, white beach. And besides even that, oceans don’t come with wave machines.