A Clean, Concise History of Fluidtrol

Located in beautiful Huntsville, Alabama, part of one of the most vital industrial corridors in America, Fluidtrol Process Technologies, Inc. is a one-of-a-kind company that specializes in eliminating corrosion and maleficent materials of all kinds from industrial and commercial piping and tubing. Whether your line of work lies in chemical production, desalination, summer amusement parks, zoos, public fountains, or large aquariums, our basket strainers are built to meet the long-term needs of your business. Through removal of extraneous solids and substrates, our strainers allow for seamless delivery of liquid materials as required by the application in question.

Able to utilize PVC, PVDF, CPVC, FRP as housing construction materials, our strainers can be used both for inline and reduction purposes. Our customized configuration options can certainly solve problems with your piping layouts.  Furthermore, we are well-versed beyond thermoplastic and thermoset materials, being proficient as well in developing special alloys as useful basket material options when sturdier elements are required.

We tackle each assignment with an all-terrain sense of adventuresome engineering, and a work ethic that can’t be feigned. The modest scope of our company affords us a margin of creative adaptability that many larger corporations have long since bailed from their systems, allowing us to work on a large number of products and projects that have no direct bearing towards one another. Whether in North America or overseas, we are 100% at your service; and cordially invite you to partake of the unique, customized solutions we can provide your business.

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