Fluidtrol SSX Series Strainers

The SSX Series Strainers - Built for Tough Environments

Fluidtrol is periodically asked for strainers for more controlled environments. While we have designed all of our strainers using the design philosophy laid out in the Recommended Design Equations for ASME BPVC X, there are areas where those standard equations fall short.  These areas include nozzle loads, large port to shell ratios, shear bonding of fiberglass to fiberglass joints, and super imposing external loads with pressure loads.

A Strainer Engineered The Way You Need It

Our SSX strainers were designed to address customers with these tougher engineering documentation requirements. Each strainer has a 3D CAD detailing fabrication, and FEA simulation model that can be quickly customized for site specific loads including nozzle loads, wind loads, snow loads, and seismic loads. Additionally, the vessels are designed for a MAWP of 150 psi pressure rating at temperature with a hydrostatic test pressure of 165 psi. Each vessel has a stress analysis graph and deflection analysis graph that demonstrate the completeness of design. All of the material specification sheets and chemical compatibility documentation is readily available. Additionally, the design for the SSX strainers was prepared by a Licensed Professional Engineer and drawings are stamped accordingly. We believe the SSX strainers will help our industrial customers quickly address engineering concerns of plant owners.

The SSX is primarily designed for basket strainer use, but can be also utilized for bag and cartridge filters.  Please contact Fluidtrol for information on this fiberglass housing. 

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