What It Means To Be ISO 9000 Certified

Many companies claim to offer “high quality” goods and services. I could claim this is the highest quality blog available in the world and pretty much get away with it, but would anyone really believe me?

However, one thing I absolutely cannot claim is that this blog is ISO 9000 certified. To become ISO 9000 certified, products or services must meet or exceed some of the toughest quality management standards around. ISO 9000 is actually a set of standards that address different aspects of quality management.

The process of becoming ISO 9000 certified is extensive and only about 25,000 American companies have taken the time to obtain this prestigious status. The process demands a full top-to-bottom quality vetting process. And once you pass all the tests, you must maintain the standard for every one of your new projects and products. It is a great way to for customers to know that the products that they are sourcing come via a certified quality standard.

In the end the effort and money spent is worth it because being ISO 9000 certified lets the world know that you are both serious about quality and completely transparent about your company’s services. At Fluidtrol, we are exceedingly proud of our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

It is our way of saying to our customers that we will always put quality and their needs ahead of our own. Contact us today for a custom basket strainer quote.

ISO 9000 Certification Badge
ISO 9000