Fluidtrol Strainers Are Made in America

"Made In The USA" Is Important To Us

Although Manufacturing Month officially wrapped up in October, we’re working toward raising awareness for U.S. manufacturing year-round. It seems that, more than ever, companies are embracing the “Made in the USA” mentality, which is excellent for the industry and the economy. While news stories seem to change their tune every week on how U.S. manufacturing is faring, statistics and initiatives are heavily weighted toward the positives.

Whether a company is producing the latest gadgets or Olympic-sized apparel, there seems to be recent spike in businesses looking to brand their business with the “Made in America” label. In 2011, the Boston Consulting Group released a report predicting this comeback, where the emphasis on analysis of total costs in making in the country rather than out was evident. The group broke down key factors in this reasoning:

  • Transporting goods comes at a higher (and continually rising) cost.
  • Rising income levels in China will cause a lessened option of low-cost labor.
  • The risks of unmonitored productivity and safety in under-developed countries.

A recent Consumer Reports poll revealed more than 78 percent of Americans would rather buy an American-made product when given a choice between a product made in the country and an identical one made abroad—and we take this into account to our business practices as well. For example, if we can get a product imported for $75 that will suffice but produce it in the U.S. from raw materials for $100, we’d choose the latter. We’d rather have the ability to ensure quality and oversee production. Not only is this better for the economy, but it’s better for our customers.

Quality is the key component to our basket strainers—they have to be reliable and well as cost effective, so we don’t take any chances by letting outside sources have a hand in our manufacturing process. At Fluidtrol, we take pride in being “Made in America,” and for more information on our products, browse our website.