Our unique, high performance glass-ceramic matrix composite design produces an extremely hard surface that is excellent for corrosive or abrasive seawater applications, scrubber and other challenging fluid systems.  This seam-less casted construction along with Fluidtrol’s innovative tooling department allows for capabilities unmatched in our industry World Wide.

Available in vertical large or horizontal large basket strainers, glass ceramic matrix compounds allow for a dramatic variance in size and customization options. Customization options include integral access ports, stands and brackets.

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All of our strainers are available in duplex configuration, which includes the option is to purchase a duplex assembly minus the isolation valves. See our Duplex Strainers for more information

This extremely hard design is corrosion and abrasion resistant for seawater and corrosive applications.

  • Wide selection of vinyl ester resins to provide corrosion and temperature resistance required for the system.
  • Unique tooling and innovative approach to design allow for very flexible offering.
  • Alloy Baskets are standard- per filtration requirements and fluid.

Flow Rate

  • These units are built as required and we can design and manufacture a strainer to meet the conditions provided to us.


  • Fiberglass/Ceramic/ Vinyl Ester Matrix- customized for system requirements.


  • ASME Sec X, PS15-69

Basket Strainers

Glass Ceramic Matrix Composite