Fluidtrol Process Technologies, Inc. manufactures High Rate Sand Filters made from fiberglass. Our High Rate Sand Filters offer 3 different plumbing arrangements to suit your installation.

Style A Sand Filter Features top-mounted in-flow and side-mounted out-flow 6-inch plumbing.
Style B Sand Filter Features side-mounted inflow and opposite side outflow.
Style C Sand Filter offers both inflow and outflow on the same side.

Download our High Rate Sand filter Data Sheet

  • Rugged lateral design is made of thick walled PVC and never needs replacement.
  • Preinstalled diffusers should never need maintenance.
  • Load filter without going inside, reduces time and cost.

Pressure Rating = 50psi

Service Fluid = Pool

Vent = 1” NPT

Drain = 2” NPT

Flow = 5-20 GPM/ FT^2

Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 50

High Rate Sand Filters

High Rate Sand Filters