The WYE Series is a y-type strainer designed for critical applications that require high flow rates, high loading potentials, and minimal pressure drop. WYE strainers feature a cleanout valve that eliminates the need for removing the basket when performing routine cleaning.

WYE-type strainers are commonly used for in-line piping in either vertical or horizontal orientation in sizes 2” and up. Not sure what you need? Call 888-551-0511 to speak to us immediately or contact us.

All of our strainers are available in duplex configuration, which includes the option is to purchase a duplex assembly minus the isolation valves. See our Duplex Strainers for more information

Saltwater and freshwater basket strainers designed for industrial or aquatic applications.

  • EPDM lid gaskets come standard. Optional Viton and Teflon are also available
  • Flanged lid with stainless bolts, nuts and washers are standard
  • Optional T-Handle Design for easy lid removal
  • Baskets are 1/4” perforated- made from same material as the strainer (FRP Wyes have PVDF Baskets). Additional perfs/materials are available
  • Flanged pipe connections come standard. Inquire on alternative connections.
  • Custom dimensions and designs are readily available.
  • Fluidtrol Wye (Y) Strainers are much larger than industry standard- offering much lower pressure drops than is typical in traditional Y strainers.

Basket Strainers

WYE Series Y Strainers