Changing Public Pool Trends

This year there has been an increase in demand for construction of new homes and renovation of old homes in the U.S. Americans are finally willing to spend after years of economic woes, but should buyers be as eager to invest in luxury items like a pool?

People have two choices when it comes to swimming pools: to build a pool in their backyard or use a public pool. There are pros and cons to both, but concerns about money and new trends could sweeten the idea of a public pool visit.

The National Swimming Pool Foundation estimates that the United States is home to 10 million pools, with 360 thousand of them being public pools.

Public pools being built or renovated recently are starting to offer a different experience than the plain rectangle pools people have grown used to seeing.

  • Larger shallow ends to service swimmers who prefer less than 5 feet of water.

  • Stairs are replacing ladders to make it easier for people with limited mobility to enjoy the pool.

  • Adding warm water pools and spas for swimming lessons or relaxing

  • Building waterslides and other attractions that add to the pool

  • Installing artwork and altering the design of the pool itself

On a nationwide scale, public pools are changing from what they used to be into leisure facilities with multiple pools. Instead of being a place where people can swim, public pools are becoming destinations with different attractions for a wider variety of people.

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