The Importance of Basket Strainers

Hair and lint strainers used in commercial pools are a very important part of the filtration system of the pool. This simple devise is used to remove large objects, like jewelry, adhesive bandages, hair, lint and almost anything that can come out of a bathing suit pocket or even things that are thrown in the pool. The damaging materials aren’t always from the swimmers; leaves, stems, and rocks often make their way into pools. After a few years of cleaning filter baskets, it’s hard to be surprised at what you find.  Removing these objects from the line will protect the pump and downstream filtration equipment.

Pool design, loading and chemistry will help in determining how often a strainer basket needs to be cleaned. Dirty baskets will impart a pressure drop (which is typically low to start with) and reduces flow of the stream. This decreased head pressure into the pump – or vacuum – will have impact on pump performance and filtration system flow rates, which can cause the pump to work harder and possibly hotter.  The right debris can jam the impeller or damage it. There are several scenarios where inadequate strainer maintenance can cause pump failure, which will shut your pool down. Not a happy time for anyone.

Basket strainers have been used for decades in commercial pools. During this period some things have changed, but two major improvements to these filters are corrosion resistant materials used for the housing, and the size and filtration capacity of these strainers. Most people who try and replace an old cast-iron strainer that has been in a system for 20+ years find that today’s strainers are larger and harder to squeeze into older piping. This problem can be fixed with either significant piping modifications or a custom strainer. Fluidtrol strives to find a custom strainer solution for every one of these challenges.

Our technical staff can design a strainer that will fit and perform as necessary in your system. Contact us today.