How the FRP Strainer Combats Seawater Corrosion

Whether you’re the owner of deepwater oil rigs embedded in the Gulf of Mexico or off the Saudi Arabian coast, or whether you manage a water treatment plant servicing the needs of a coastal town or city somewhere in the world, it’s likely you’re aware of just how invasive and corrosive seawater can become towards your equipment functioning properly. If you’re a savvy business operator, you doubtless know about the cost-effectiveness of letting seawater cool off the heat exchangers, etc., that are part of your drilling or water treatment operation.

You’re probably also aware that a whole slew of corrosion-resistant metals exist to suit your requirements, alloys directly addressing the need for materials that withstand the effects of seawater over the long haul. Many types come readily to mind: Monel 400, Hastelloy, and various grades of duplex and super-alloyed steel are all effective, corrosion-resistant options.

But if someone was to tell you that a stronger, more resistant, and cheaper alternative to these “rare earth alloys” was available to build large basket strainers, wouldn’t you listen closely and carefully? Because that’s pretty much a possibility we can offer here at Fluidtrol. Our fiberglass reinforced (FRP) industrial strainers are not only more corrosion-resistant to seawater than most rare earths, but they have a significant weight/strength ratio advantage when handling heavy loads. Furthermore, fiberglass is a much less costly material to procure than – say – Hastelloy. The advantage in using FRP materials for oil rig and water treatment operations as opposed to rare earths would seem fairly enormous.

At Fluidtrol, we make our large basket strainers for corrosive fluids to incorporate a pressure rating of 150 PSI and a flow rate of 21,000 GPM, with a basket material configuration of AL6XN. In terms of the global economy, the oil and water businesses are as big as they’ve ever been. Why not use our customized ceramic-glass configurations to meet your production needs ably and cost-effectively?

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